Austin Kamban | Graphic Design & Media

Recovering Reality

Branding / Logo / Web Design

The Project.

Recovering Reality approached us to help them establish a professional brand identity locally and online. Prior to our help, they really had nothing to identify themselves with, using multiple color schemes on media and graphics. We established a color palette in order to create uniformity in their brand identity. This had an immediate impact in helping them pop out in environmental space.

Next, we began designing and developing a beautiful new website which helped them to establish a solid web presence and professional identity online in the recovery community. The website is not only very sleek looking, but it's super interactive and has been highly effective in generating leads for future business.

Their new logo features a distinguishable "mark" with a waveform that weaves in and out of the primary and secondary versions of their logo designs. This new design helps to distinguish them apart from the competition and really makes their brand "recognizable".

We've had the privilege of working on a number of projects with them since! Check out some of our work below.